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Subscription Process

  • Must have resided within the jurisdiction of the organization.
  • Must have obtained Nepali citizenship.
  • For membership, at least 10 shares must be taken, monthly savings must be deposited at least Rs. 200, and entrance fee will be Rs. 100.
  • For membership, one copy of Nepali citizenship certificate, 3 copies of passport size photo and 1 copy of passport size photo of the right holder and a copy of citizenship should be brought.
  • In case of protected member or parent member, the parent member should be present.
  • The fee for reserved membership will be Rs. 100 / - and the savings will be at least Rs. 100 / - plus Rs. 200 / -.
  • To become a protected member, one copy of birth certificate, 2 copies of passport size photo and copy of guardian's citizenship certificate and 1/1 copy of passport size photo should be brought.

Member Request Form